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The 5th ISMISS Combined With The 15th MISS Summet Forum

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Decision Making of The Treatment of Spinal Stenosis in Elder: UBE versus Transforaminal Decompression or Combined Procedures

Welcome Message

I am sure that all of you are dedicated to your routine work while dealing with COVID-19 infection. I would like to express my heartful respect and gratitude to all of you.

Although the new Corona pandemic is still interfering academic conferences, we will continue to hold the "World top minimally invasive spine surgery conference, MISS SUMMIT 2023.

We will do our best to prepare for the 15th MISS SUMMIT, which will be held on line. This conference will feature the world's most advanced MISS and the future prospects of MISS. We prepare the surgical video sessions. This session has 15 minutes for each video. Experienced doctors demonstrate surgical technique and tips in detail. We also have regular session and expect enthusiastic discussions.

You will acquire new knowledge and skills. We hope that many doctors will attend the meeting and make presentations and discuss with passion.

I hope you will join and enjoy the meeting next March. We look forward to seeing you.

The 15th MISS Summit Forum

Fujio Ito, Secretary General

Director, Ito Orthopedics and Internal Medicine Aichi Back Pain Operation Clinic

President, Zen-Iryokai Medical Corporation

Presentation by Tolgay Satana

Decision Making of The Treatment of Spinal Stenosis in Elder: UBE versus Transforaminal Decompression or Combined Procedures

Unillateral biportal endoscopic (UBE) interventions are an effective procedure with a rapid learning curve than Transforaminal surgery in this subject,which can be easily by orthopedic surgeons who are especially skilled in arthroscopic surgery. UBE 30degree arthroscopy allows us to use conventional Radiofrequency probes,strong motorized shaver and wide mouth aggressive hand tools as well as wide video quality. We expected that the using of expensive microscopes in interlaminar surgery will decrease in very near future. Although effective treatment of foraminal stenosis in UBE provides 360-degree vision, the effectiveness in intra-foraminal canal pathologies is not effective as well as Transforaminal Foraminoplasty. In this respect, despite foraminal problems,Transforaminal endoscopic foraminoplasty is an effective and superior method than UBE. We strongly recommend that severe spinal stenosis with foramina stenosis problems should be combined foraminoscopy instead of single UBE inter laminar decompression.

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