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6th ISMISS Congress in Turkey on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Interventional Treatments / 5th TURKMISS Precongress Hands on Cadaver Workshops



Course Coordinator

Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.

We have already started to reap the benefits of this journey where we follow our founders and experts Kambin, Hijikata and Schreiber; the next generation and other surgeons not mentioned here.

The scientific presentations we bashfully made in the past, when minimal invasive surgery was a very young method, have now become enthusiastic presentations supported by multicenter randomized studies. Now, we know the only valid method to diagnose and treat problems on the foraminal level is foraminoscopy. MISS, once perceived as an alternative to conventional surgery, is now considered a surgical method with no alternatives in foraminal diagnosis and treatment.

Now it’s time to visit the places where the seeds that we have sown become trees. We will visit new the clinics that believed in us and combined their treatments with endoscopic interventions and adopted minimally invasive surgery while MISS climbs high in the Cochrane Classification as an experience-based medical science. The time, our congress will be held in Izmir, where the new fellows of the ISMISS Turkey Branch are located.

If we can find time amongst our scientific studies, we will visit the sacred places: such as Ephesus,

The house of Maria, and Alacati: Temple of the windsurf

We are looking forward to meeting you in this beautiful city, Izmir, Cesme to host probably the most exciting meeting of our years-long mission to spread awareness of minimally invasive surgery.


Organizing Comitee

Honorary President

Daniel Gastambide

Phil Sun Choi


Sang-Ho Lee

Past President

Hansjoerg Leu

Elected President

Vladimir Radchenko

Pain Course Coordinator

Ibrahim Yegul

Course Secretariat

Burkay Kutluhan Kaçıra

Kamil Barlas

Basic Principles

Ayhan Comert

Wolfgang Rausching

Endoscopic Tecniques

Mehmet Medet Yıldız

Murat Erguven

Pain Therapy

Burcu Candan

Elvan Erhan

Figen Yagmur Aslan

Taylan Temel

Less Invasive

Ali ihsan Işık

Murat Bezer

Mustafa Anter

Course Coordinator

Tolgay Satana


Akira Dezawa

Anthony Yeung

Antonio Carlos Rezoagli

Ayhan Comert

Burkay Kacira

Carlo A. Todaro

Cem Calli

Elvan Erhan

Emiliano Passacantilli

Figen Yagmur Aslan

Fujio Ito

Gun Choi

Hansjörg Leu

Ibrahim Yegul

Jean Destandau

John Shepperd

Kyung-Hoon Kim

Lester Wilson

Martin Knight

Michael Schubert

Mohamed Alfawareh

Mohamed Mohi Eldin

Munehito Yoshida

Murat Erguven

Nizar Natout

Nurettin Lüleci

Ozhan Akinci

Pil Sun Choi

Shahaydar Shatursunov

Sang-Ho Lee

Satishchandra Gore

Sebastian Luetern

Stefan Hellinger

Taylan Akkaya

Thomas Hoogland

Thomas Lübbers

Tolgay Satana

Vladimir Radchenko

Wolfgang Raushning

Yucel Kanpolat

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