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The Society of Minimally Invasive and Interventional Spinal Surgery (OMID) was founded in 2009 in Istanbul by the leading physicians who practiced minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgery for the first time in Turkey. As required under the laws; the Society is neither a sub-group nor a branch of any national and international society. Abbreviated as OMID in Turkish and internationally known as Turkmiss, the society is comprised of physicians engaged in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS). Our members include the anatomists, pain physicians, brain neurosurgeon and orthopaedic and trauma specialists who are all specialized in spine in addition to the MISS endoscopic practices.

OMID acts as a society for the public interests. It supports the training courses, congresses and seminars held in the field of minimally invasive surgery; informs the public about the surgical methods; assists its members who conduct national and international studies; and provides financial support to the studies and publications. It has enabled a specialist as a speaker and a trainer to attend nearly all international meetings to represent our society by means of the support that it has provided. In this regard, it has cooperation with ISMISS, PASMISS, ACMIST, AAMISS, WALA, WCMIST, IMLAS, ISLAS. Finally, it is the affiliated founding society of WFMISS and NESMISS.

OMID organizes its annual meetings in Turkey in April every year. These meetings have been organized in the name of “ISMISS Turkey” as affiliated to ISMISS since 2009 with the support of various national and foreign societies. The society have been following and supporting the minimally invasive spinal surgery meetings and activities that have been organized in Turkey since its foundation. All founders of OMID are well-known physicians who conduct studies in other societies in the world.

Some of our members are representatives of international societies. Our society is the national representative of ISMISS to which the membership is encouraged. OMID on one hand is a member of confederations such as PASMISS; while on the other hand it strives for establishing cooperation with and has a membership status in European societies in harmony with its Asian and European character. Our society is open to affiliation with all national societies.

OMID has ensured that the MISS practices are defined and scored by the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) and reimbursed by the health insurances; while it exchanges correspondences with the governmental bodies such as SSI (Social Security Institution) as a public duty.

Our society continues to encourage the MISS practices in Turkey, guide the physicians who desire to receive endoscopic surgery education, contribute to their education by organizing training courses and meetings in this field and create a community that is engaged in MISS. The Society supports the studies and research conducted in this field through financial rewards granted in the meetings it has been organizing as an affiliate of ISMISS since 2009 in addition to fulfilling its missions to provide trainers to the meetings it organizes, and provide scholarships to residents and physicians.

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